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Self-Assessment Tax Return

Are the words self-assessment ones that drive fear into your heart?

Are you unsure if you are completing it correctly and claiming the allowable expenses you are entitled to?

If the answer is yes then it may be worth getting a professional to complete this element of being a small business owner.

Self-Assessment Packages

We have a variety of self-assessment packages aimed at small business owners and we can also tailor any of the packages mentioned to your requirements, if needed, as we understand that not everyone has the same needs.

File a self-assessment – £150

If you have completed all the bookkeeping yourself, either on accounting software or excel spreadsheets, then we will check over your information and providing there are no or minimal changes then we will file this on your behalf for this fixed fee.

All additional bookkeeping will be charged at an hourly rate.

File a self-assessment and bookkeeping – up to 30 transactions per month

If you have done no bookkeeping and not recorded any of your sales or expenses for the tax year then we can do that for you.

This packages is specifically for businesses with, on average, less than 30 transactions per month.

We will input all your transactions onto an excel spreadsheet and calculate all the information needed to complete your self assessment tax return.

This package can be paid in three ways either

  1. In full up front – £499
  2. In three installments of £169
  3. In six installments of £85

Payments will need to be made in full before any self assessment is submitted to HMRC.

File a self assessment and bookkeeping – up to 60 transactions per month

You will receive the same as package two however the prices are for up to 60 sales invoices and expenses.

1. In full up front – £679

2. In three installments of £229.00

3. In six installments of £119

As in package two, payment must be received in full before any submissions are made to HMRC.


If you’ve just started a business or maybe just thinking ahead to the next tax year then we arrange a payment plan for submitting next years self assessment tax return.

We can spread the cost over twelve months, providing the payments begin before September 2022

1. Up to 30 transactions per month – £45 per month

2. Up to 60 transactions per month – £67.50 per month.

For more information about any of the above packages, or to enquire about a different package, please call us on 01384 465 131 or fill in the Contact Us page and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

All prices are excluding VAT, unless otherwise stated.