Back to the Office – Are you Ready? (Part One)

So after nearly 6 months of very unprecedented times, the time is now coming when we’re all starting to think about getting back to ‘normal’ or whatever the new normal is. For a lot of us, that means getting back into the office and a more normal way of working.

We all know how hard it has been to adjust to working from home, so have you considered yet, how difficult it will be to readjust to being back in the office and what extra concerns and worries there will be whether you are an employer or an employee?

Here are a few ideas of what to consider whilst preparing your return to the office from both perspectives:

Initial Readjustment


  • Are you prepared to return to the office? We all know how difficult it’s going to be even to just put suitable clothes on as let’s face it, if were honest we’ve probably spent a lot of our work day in our pyjamas?
  • Have you considered the basic things like how you’re going to get to work? Are you going to have to use public transport? If you are, have you checked out the times as these have more than likely changed? If you usually car share are you going to be working at the same time as your colleague? How do you feel about car sharing now? Are you confident that guidelines can be adhered to?
  • Have you had a meeting with the boss to discuss what hours you will be returning to? Will you be going straight in with your normal working hours or will you be making a gradual return?
  • Do you have childcare arranged for the pre-agreed hours?

All of these things need to be considered to make your readjustment as painless as possible.


  • Are you prepared for the return of your staff? Are you prepared for the fact that you may not have the same staff returning as you had prior to lockdown? At the end of the day, 6 months is a long time to be out of an office environment and to be juggling more than just work. It may take a little while for your staff to get back into the swing of normality and any semblance of routine.
  • Have you decided if you are prepared to be flexible for a while to help with the transition?
  • Have you considered the fact that they may not be able to get in at the same time as previously if they usually use public transport. Do you have a suggestion you can put to them?
  • Are you going to allow a gradual return or do you just want you staff back as they were.
  • Have you arranged to discuss your thoughts and requirements with your staff

You as an employer need to decide exactly what you are and are not expecting. If you cannot be clear to your employees then they will find it hard to know what you want.

These are just a few things to think about while you’re deciding how to make getting back to normal as smooth as possible.

Look out for our next blog looking at things to consider in the office and once the return has been made!