Accounting Software & Training

Do you like to have control of your own business accounts and do your own bookkeeping?

Or do you feel you have so few transactions going through your business accounts that you do not warrant having a bookkeeper looking after your accounts?

If either of the above are true and you are wanting to start using cloud accounting software then we can help.

As a Partner of Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software we can get you set up and as we are also certified as an expert in this software we can give you the training you need.

We offer three packages :

1) Set up and monthly charge – £69 initial charge and £25 per month thereafter.

By giving us information relating to your accounts, we can set you up on Sage Business Cloud Accounting. It will be more straight forward to set your accounts up at the beginning of the financial year however it can be done at certain points throughout the year. We can advise these times throughout the year and accounts information required if you need further details before signing up.

The £25 per month that follows will include access to the accounting software and also access to one of our qualified bookkeepers, for up to half an hour a month.

2) Set up, one days training and monthly charge -£149 initial charge and £25 per month thereafter.

This package includes everything included in package 1 and also one day’s training. As the accounting software is based in the cloud we can either come to your premises for training or you can come to our office which is based near Halesowen.

3) One day’s training – £99

This is solely for the training of Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software and based on the assumption that you have purchased the software either directly from Sage or another Partner, e.g. your accountant.

The training will last up to five hours and will cover everything from setting up your software, creating the perfect invoice, how to reconcile your accounts and everything in between.

If any of the packages are of interest to you or you have any queries then please do not hesitate to get in touch.